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Experienced Neurodiversity Counseling in San Diego and throughout California 

My Experience:

Since graduating with my Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work in 2003, I have worked in a variety of treatment settings with an array of behavioral health populations. My early practice focused on working in a private practice setting with children and families who were victims of crime and abuse including domestic violence, physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. I worked primarily with women and children in this setting ages five years old through adulthood providing trauma based interventions. I was also trained and mentored by a registered play therapist to work with children at their developmental level using child-centered play.

I also have experience working in a group home as well as with treatment level foster care for behavioral and emotional challenges. In this treatment setting I was trained to work with PTSD, abuse, difficult family dynamics, and understanding the impact of alcohol and drug use on families.

My Approach:

In session you will find that my therapy style is warm, yet direct. I have a good sense of humor and a lighthearted nature, and I find that this is helpful with getting through some of the hard work that is done in therapy. I believe in the collaborative nature of therapy and find it helpful to set specific goals together so we both are certain of the most important aspects to focus on in session. I like to offer homework after each session to help clients pay attention to themes identified while together or to offer worksheets or coping skills that will help with understanding and making changes.

I am not afraid to push you to achieve your goals! I will help you feel safe and comfortable, encourage and challenge you, and keep you accountable. You will leave each session with greater clarity and specific tools to address your challenge areas.

Begin Working With An California Mental Health Therapist today

Learning to live with ADHD, Autism, Social Anxiety and other anxiety symptoms is much easier said than done. I would be honored to help you in overcoming the symptoms that affect you most. I am happy to offer confidential teletherapy services from her California-based therapy practice working with clients across the state. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Reach out to Jillian Graham, licensed therapist to have a free consultation for mental health therapy.

  2. Have your first appointment with A Better Understanding, Inc.

  3. Start receiving the support you deserve!

Other Services Offered With A Better Understanding, Inc.

I have been working as a licensed therapist for nearly 20 years and specialize in treating Anxiety, Social anxiety, Autism, ADHD and other developmental disabilities. I strive to understand you and your mental health treatment needs and am here to provide support and understanding so that you can start to feel better in life. I am happy to offer a variety of mental health services including therapy for neurodivergent adults or parents to children with ADHD, autism or anxiety. In addition to anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, depression treatment, mood disorders, and bipolar disorder treatment. 

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