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  • Call today for a free 15 minute consultation directly with Jillian Graham to ask any questions about starting online therapy sessions. 

  • All individual sessions are 50-60 minutes at $120.

  • Couples sessions can be booked for 50 minutes to 2 hours at $120-200. For any questions about sessions rates, please inquire during a consultation.

  • Payment is due at the time of service and can be paid via credit card.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

After our initial meeting, you may self-book on my schedule for a weekly session that is reserved just for you. Every effort will be made to reschedule appointments when enough notice is given, however less than 24 hours notice will incur a $50 fee for the cancelled or missed session.

I do not currently accept In Network Insurance.

If you have an HMO or an insurance such as Kaiser, TriCare or MediCal, they will NOT cover my services, and you would have to pay out of pocket. Some clients have insurance benefits, but still prefer to pay personally. Some of the benefits of paying privately include more privacy and more control over your treatment. 


Out of Network Insurance

If you have another PPO, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I may be able to be an “out of network” provider. I still request full payment at the time of service, but provide you with a monthly, detailed record of payment (or “super bill”) that you can submit for reimbursement. How much different insurance providers cover varies widely. If you are interested in using Out of Network benefits for PPO plans, I recommend calling them, and asking:


  1. “Do I have Out of Network coverage for therapy?”

  2. “How much of a $120 fee would you cover?”

  3. “Do I have to meet a deductible before you start covering for Out of Network?”

  4. “Is my issue an allowable diagnosis/reason for therapy?”

Keep in mind that submitting a super bill for reimbursement may grant the insurance company the right to access your records and limit the number of sessions you attend. 


The content of all therapy sessions are considered to be confidential. All information a client shares will not be disclosed to another party without the written consent of the client. Noted exceptions are when there is suspected abuse, or when an individual threatens serious harm to self or others.

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