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What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder is a condition related to brain development that impacts how a person perceives and socializes with others, causing problems in social interaction and communication. The disorder also includes limited and repetitive patterns of behavior. The term "spectrum" in autism spectrum disorder refers to the wide range of symptoms and severity.

Autism spectrum disorder includes conditions that were previously considered separate — autism, Asperger's syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder and an unspecified form of pervasive developmental disorder. Some people still use the term "Asperger's syndrome," which is generally thought to be at the mild end of autism spectrum disorder.

People with Autism may present with the following challenging behaviors:

  • Poor cooperation

  • Oppositional Behaviors

  • Elopement

  • Behavioral Outbursts

  • Self Injurious Behaviors

  • Aggression to others

  • Verbal perseveration

  • Obsessive compulsive behaviors including repetitive and ritualistic behaviors

  • Difficulties with transitions

  • Need for rigid routine

  • Social struggles


How A Better Understanding Therapy can help?

  • Providing psychoeducation: Information on Autism, understanding development, understanding differences in cognitive processing, and understanding differences in the sensory system.

  • Completing a functional behavioral assessment

  • Identifying a behavior intervention plan to target specific behaviors to decrease and identify replacement behaviors.

  • Identify Skill building behaviors

  • Creating a safety plan

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy can help with identifying coping skills to help manage out of control feelings.

  • Caregiver support: Provide understanding and support to caregivers of special needs clients. It can be incredibly overwhelming, stressful, and isolating for caregivers at times. Having a therapist who understands Autism and its impact on the entire family can be helpful.

Begin Working With An California Mental Health Therapist today

Learning to live with ADHD, Autism, Social Anxiety and other anxiety symptoms is much easier said than done. I would be honored to help you in overcoming the symptoms that affect you most. I am happy to offer confidential teletherapy services from her California-based therapy practice working with clients across the state. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Reach out to Jillian Graham, licensed therapist to have a free consultation for mental health therapy.

  2. Have your first appointment with A Better Understanding, Inc.

  3. Start receiving the support you deserve!

Other Services Offered With A Better Understanding, Inc.

I have been working as a licensed therapist for nearly 20 years and specialize in treating Anxiety, Social anxiety, Autism, ADHD and other developmental disabilities. I strive to understand you and your mental health treatment needs and am here to provide support and understanding so that you can start to feel better in life. I am happy to offer a variety of mental health services including therapy for neurodivergent adults or parents to children with ADHD, autism or anxiety. In addition to anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, depression treatment, mood disorders, and bipolar disorder treatment. 

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