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Online Mental Health Counseling
in California
Specializing in therapy & counseling for  adults with
ADHD, Anxiety & Autism

Populations Served:

  • Adults


Behavioral Health Interventions Used:


Welcome, I am glad you reached out for more support!

My name is Jillian Graham and I am the owner of A Better Understanding, Inc. I named my practice with consideration of what I find the main benefit of therapy to be, a way to gain a better understanding. Many of my clients are searching for a better understanding of themselves, their wants and needs, their feelings, their situation, their relationships and connections with others. I have had a lot of success working with these struggles and would love to help you as well. If this is what you are looking for, then I am the therapist for you.


I specialize in working with adults who may be feeling a bit out of place in the world. Many may be struggling with symptoms of anxiety, social anxiety and social isolation, low self-esteem, or poor motivation to do anything. It's not uncommon for me to meet a new client who describes feeling a sense of disconnection in the world and is not sure why. Working with clients "labeled" or "not labeled," I have found that it can be helpful to have someone to talk to who you can share your whole self to, maybe for the first time ever. We can work together to understand your struggles, target your mental health goals, and identify tools to feel better and manage life in a better way. Sometimes when working through difficult and negative thoughts on your own it can be easy to only be able to see a hole of negativity. I love it when I can help a client manage their perspective when looking at difficult relationships or situations so that they can not only feel better, but they can feel more in control.


I have built my practice to be exclusively California teletherapy because I believe that teletherapy is the wave of the future for accessing therapy. Teletherapy offers convenience and a way to connect from the comfort and safety of your own home. I offer a HIPPA compliant, confidential online therapy through the platform.  

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Testimonials from previous clients:

~"Jillian is great at really listening to me and helping me to uncover the root of any issue at hand. She has been able to help me practice ways of positive thinking and has provided me with anxiety reducing tools. I really appreciate her help and expertise."


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Begin Working With An California Mental Health Therapist today

Learning to live with ADHD, Autism, Social Anxiety and other anxiety symptoms is much easier said than done. I would be honored to help you in overcoming the symptoms that affect you most. I am happy to offer confidential teletherapy services from her California-based therapy practice working with clients across the state. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Reach out to Jillian Graham, licensed therapist to have a free consultation for mental health therapy.

  2. Have your first appointment with A Better Understanding, Inc.

  3. Start receiving the support you deserve!

Other Services Offered With A Better Understanding, Inc.

I have been working as a licensed therapist for nearly 20 years and specialize in treating Anxiety, Social anxiety, Autism, ADHD and other developmental disabilities. I strive to understand you and your mental health treatment needs and am here to provide support and understanding so that you can start to feel better in life. I am happy to offer a variety of mental health services including therapy for neurodivergent adults or parents to children with ADHD, autism or anxiety. In addition to anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, depression treatment, mood disorders, and bipolar disorder treatment. 

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